Willkommen to German Heritage with Mikaila


Well! Another festival year is upon us. The Gemütlichkeit is flowing, the dance groups are practicing, and probably, somewhere high in the Kitchener Alps, a group of festers in Lederhosen are busy filling kegs.

Growing up, I attended German school every Saturday morning, forgoing a morning of cartoons; a small sacrifice for the pretzel awaiting me in the car as my parents picked me up. They blared yodel music as they rolled up in a Volkswagen, and all of this, in Kitchener Waterloo, was seen as completely normal. Last year, I did a full grocery shop in a dirndl following a performance, and not a glance was to be had.

Ah yes, this, the year round experience of Kitchener Waterloo life, as many locals can confirm, is sprinkled with German Heritage. Ripples of Oktoberfest send a current of joyous celebration throughout the year. What more could you expect from feathered hats and pants crafted of leather?

During my year as Miss Oktoberfest 2017, an entirely new perspective of the region was opened. What completely took me by storm is who we are as a collective. Amplified during the weeks of Oktoberfest, our community – unsure “FAMILIE” (our family) works like clockwork; an empowerment of individuals creating an atmosphere of unity.

It is a pleasure to watch the festival evolve every year. Now, more than ever, the festival is in full gear, innovating to accommodate the people who make KW such a “wunderbar” place to live. A stellar mingling of the diversity of our tech sector, schools, and community with the German heritage is proving that our region is adapting to its new generation while treasuring the aspects of Oktoberfest which have encouraged the festival to thrive for 50 years (And 50 more!)

Enjoy the festival, get goofy, celebrate life, and welcome one another in Oktober and beyond!

Viele Liebe (Much love)

Mikaila Emrich

Miss Oktoberfest 2017