Willkommen to Family Events with Nicole

As I pulled into the parking lot of the Concordia Club – and the sounds of polka music could already be heard – I realized I was about to get the Oktoberfest experience I thought I was going to miss.

I had accepted that my Oktoberfesting days were behind me (or at least on hold for a couple years) when my husband and I welcomed our first baby last year. It’s hard to picture how a newborn and Oktoberfest go together, right? I knew about the Family and Cultural events, of course, but I assumed it was mostly a chance to bring your children to a quiet Festhallen or community event to enjoy a light lunch or activity with other families. If I couldn’t have the experience I remembered from my pre-baby days, I figured I didn’t need to have one at all. But October rolled around and I couldn’t imagine not attending the Festival.

So we dusted off our feathered hats and tracht, packed up the baby and headed out to Oktoberfest as a family of three.

If I thought we were going to get a quiet lunch and some mild entertainment, I couldn’t have been more wrong! When we arrived at Concordia, I could clearly make out the words of the polka music from outside the tent (thankfully I’d remembered some earmuffs for the baby!). When we got inside, there were hundreds of families, dressed to the Neunen all enjoying that music and having the Oktoberfest experience I was chasing! The schnitzel was tasty, the dancers were dancing and I even managed to get poked in the face with a feather! We stayed so much longer than we had planned because we just didn’t want to leave. It was truly such a happy new Oktoberfest memory that I am so glad I was able to share with my whole family.

There are a lot of things that change when you have a baby, but your Oktoberfest experience doesn’t have to be one of them. I was so happy to discover what a great fit the Family and Cultural events are going to be for my family! I can’t wait to dust off the tracht and discover something new this year!

Nicole Boss

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Volunteer